End of Year Letter 2022

Thank You We have so much to be thankful for each and every day. I’d like to point to a few things that I am specifically thankful for this year at Cedar Lake Camp. Early in the summer a man pulled up to the dining hall towing a brand-new tractor. As he unloaded this expensive […]

2022 Fall Newsletter

Summer Testimony “My dad is not going to be happy,” said Mason. “I’m afraid of what he’ll say.” I asked why. The concern in his eyes was apparent as he explained to me that his dad is an ardent atheist. “My dad calls Christians stupid,” he continued. Mason was concerned because only one night prior […]

2022 Spring Newsletter

2022 Spring Newsletter “Let your hearts not be troubled; you who believe in God, believe in me also.” Jesus spoke these words as a comfort to his disciples in John 14 because they were concerned. It would be easy to apply these words to many of our current situations on the globe- war, rumors of […]

End of Year Update

Proverbs 16:3 is a favorite verse of mine: “Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.” Cedar Lake Camp does not exist for the glory of man. It exists for the glory of God. But this is most clearly seen in the salvation of mankind. For when one truly “tastes and […]

Praise God for What He Did!

Click the video to hear about God’s faithfulness! Our cup runs over! We are grateful to everyone who played a part in this auction. To God be the glory!

Journal Entries from Mrs. Ruth Geiger, Part III

In 1944 [Mr. Geiger] was approached by a radio station in Cookeville to start a bible program for children. He was offered free time. Later in the early 1950s, WSM in Nashville asked him to try the program on TV life. We were on at noon Saturday. The program was well received and rated above […]

Won’t You Join Me?

Won’t You Join Me? Part of My True Story Written by Ryan Higgins I made a new friend recently. We met at the local Crossfit gym. Before long he was telling me details of his story, how he took the scenic route to faith in Jesus Christ. His journey was similar to mine in many […]

Fall Newsletter 2021

Summer Summary Now, maybe more than ever, I want to see people come to faith in Christ. It took only a few weeks after I first believed in Christ during college to realize that if I need Jesus to be saved then so does everybody else. I began talking to my lost friends and family […]

Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter The End…? Summer Focus 2021 Most books finish with the words “The End.” By this point, we know the beginning, characters, and plotline. The story then has a way of coming to an end that answers most questions and conflicts within the book. We close the book and return to normal life. But […]

Journal Entires from Mrs. Ruth Geiger, Part II

We had gone to Tennessee by faith- trusting the Lord to supply our needs. We had no organization behind us and no promise of support from any church. We resolved not to ask for money and not go into debt, and both these resolutions were kept to the end. However, a few churches whose pastors […]