Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Summer Overnight camps
    • Location: Dining hall located at the back of the property
    • Check-In Day and Time:  Sundays between 3-5 PM Central Standard Time
    • Check-out Day and Time: Saturdays at 10 AM Central Standard Time
  • Summer Day Camps
    • Location:  Day Camp screened in pavilion
    • Check-In Day and Time:  Mon-Fri mornings between 7:30-8 AM Central Standard Time
    • Check-out Day and Time: Mon-Fri afternoons between 4:30-5 PM Central Standard Time
  • Fall and Spring Camps
    • On Campus:
      • Location: Screened in pavilion
      • Check In: Mon-Fri mornings 7:30-8 AM
      • Check-out: Mon-Fri afternoons 4:30-5 PM
    • In Cookeville:
      • Location: Washington Ave Baptist Church 1621 N. Washington Ave.
      • Check-In: Mon-Fri mornings 7:15-7:30 AM
      • Check-Out:  Mon-Fri afternoons 5:15 PM

You may request one cabin mate for each child. Requests need to be no more than one year difference in age. Cabins are divided first by gender and then by age. We make every effort to honor those requests; however, they are not guaranteed. We must have the ability to place campers where we see the best fit to ensure the best week possible. If your child has a friend or sibling that they “just cannot come to camp without” and are more than one year apart in age, please know that more than likely, they will not be in the same cabin. However, they will definitely get to see each other often throughout the week. Additionally, this will give them a chance to make new friends, which is one of the great reasons to attend Cedar Lake Camp.

Yes. All counselors 18 and over must pass a background check and our standard extensive application with references.

NO refunds are available for homesickness or illness.

Kidsickness (when you miss your kids so bad it hurts) usually occurs when parents arrive home after dropping off their children at summer camp.  As parents, we feel a huge responsibility to care for our children, and we have just given that responsibility to someone else for an entire week.  Cedar Lake’s staff understands this great responsibility and is honored that you have entrusted us with your most prized possession.  We take our job very seriously and want to do everything that we can to help you and your child have a successful week of camp.  Summer camp is a staging ground in preparing your child to leave the nest.  It is independent in a controlled environment.  NOTE:  When the urge hits to drive back up to visit them….book a vacation.  They will be okay!

No, sorry….but that would be creepy.

First, get your child excited about going to camp.  Talk about the fun activities, and the great time they will have.  Second, call us if you have any questions or concerns about anything pertaining to camp.  Our office is happy to answer any questions that you have. Parents are welcome to call us at 931-823-5656 to check on your camper. We are here to serve you and your child.  If you feel that you need confirmation that your child is doing well, call the camp.  Third, know that it is our priority to provide a safe and Christ-centered environment, but if an emergency does arise, we will do everything in our power -- with our trained staff -- to care for your child, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.  Finally, pray for your child and the camp.  At Cedar Lake, we truly believe that the summer camp experience is a life-changing, positive experience for children.  It challenges their spiritual growth and develops personal maturity in their independence and relationships with others.

Calls and visits are discouraged because they tend to invoke homesickness and distract the children from their camp experience.  Letters and packages sent through the mail are a great way to encourage your child and stay in touch.

No.  Cell phones are not permitted for campers.  They are a major distraction for the campers and ultimately hurt their experience while at camp.  Cell phones also promote homesickness.  In the event of an emergency, we will contact you.  Translation:  Please do not sneak a cell phone with your camper and promise they can call anytime.  This can cause unnecessary disruptions in the cabin.  You can reach the camp day or night at (931) 823-5656.

We don’t recommend it.  Children have the best camp experience if they can stay for the entire week without interruption.  Please schedule their week at camp for another week if possible.

Each day is filled with activities like swimming, canoeing, fishing, Bible study, worship time, cabin devotions, hiking, etc.  Click here for Sample Schedule.

Costs vary depending on which camp you choose:

Overnight camp discounts*: 

Early Bird (Jan 1-Apr 1):

$20 off per camper — automatically applied at registration.

Multi-sibling discount**: 

$30 off starting with second sibling. 

Multi-week discount**:

$30 off starting with second week.


*Discounts cannot be combined. If more than one discount is applicable, campers will receive the greater of the discounts listed.


**Multi-sibling and multi-week discounts must be requested at registration and approved by CLC staff.


Group discounts: 

Groups of 10 or more campers receive a 10% discount per camper. Group hold form and group code are required at registration for this discount.

We are known for our good food!  Click here for a sample menu.

Yes.  All of our lifeguards are either full-time staff or counselors who have completed lifeguard training at a recognized training facility.  All lifeguards are also certified in First Aid and CPR.

Not a problem.  He/she can still enjoy pool time in the shallow end of the pool.  All children must pass a swim test to swim in water that is over his or her head.  Also, depending on staff and camper numbers, we offer swimming as an activity (not the same as group swim time) in which your child may learn the basics of swimming.

You and your child can be reassured that our counselors will do everything possible to be confidential and discreet.  Extra bedding is made available to counselors if the situation arises.

We try to accommodate all food allergies, but not food preferences.  It is highly recommended if your child has a severe food allergy that you send his/her own food substitutions to guarantee he/she does not ingest something that would be harmful.  Please call us if special foods are required.

No.  To accommodate the preparation of meals, we dedicate staff to cook specifically for those with food allergies.

Check the pages on this website about each camp for lists of what to bring.

Summer Day Camps

Summer Overnight Camps

Summer Canoe Camps

Fall Camps

Spring Camps

Each camper may buy one candy and one drink daily.  Each of those items costs $1.00.  We also sell t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and various other items.  We recommend that you put an additional $20-$25 minimum in each child’s account if you want him/her to have one of those items.

Cedar Lake is fortunate to have several nurses/nursing students who volunteer each summer.  We strive to staff each week of camp with a nurse, and we also train our staff in basic first aid.  If your child is taking medication, we are glad to dispense this as directed.

Click on the pages below for the appropriate camp to register. 

Summer Day Camps

Summer Overnight Camps

Summer Canoe Camps

Fall Camps

Most of the time, you can change weeks.  It depends on how many campers are signed up for each week.  If it is necessary to change weeks, please contact us as soon as possible to make these requests.  (931) 823-5656.

This varies depending on the camp.

Retreat pricing is a per person per night rate.  Retreats also have the option of purchasing meals at a rate of $8 per person per meal.  Because retreats vary in size, timeframe, and number of meals, we ask that you fill out our request forms for accurate pricing and availability.  Filling out the forms does not reserve your dates nor obligate you to book with us. Visit the pages below for links to our request forms.

Overnight Retreats

Field Trip & Day Use

The first and foremost thing you can do is pray: for children to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, for children and staff to grow in their faith, and for God to be honored and glorified in all we do.  Click here to learn how you can be involved in a more tangible way.