A Letter from Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake Camp & Retreat Center

Spring Newsletter 2020


I can’t wait for schools to be back in session. Not because I’m tired of my own kids, mind you. But rather, I’m ready for the country to return to normal. For sure, there are some things that need to change in our culture, but I mean folks going to work each day, kids going to school, playing sports and music events, eating at a restaurant, and knowing our favorite brand of toilet paper is in stock. These are things that are normal and GOOD. It feels like we have been robbed of ‘normal’ lately.

I want to encourage you: do not be afraid. Don’t just take my word, take God’s. The Lord has not called us to a spirit of fear or timidity. There is a verse that has been circulating in my head: “Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” It’s true God was not speaking about virus concerns in the original context of this passage from Isaiah 41. The principle, however, remains. God loves and supports His people and has shown that time and time again. His care for humanity was most clearly displayed when He became human and ultimately gave His life for us on the cross. If God can conquer sin and death, He can most assuredly conquer a virus and all the associated fear.

When I read the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of contagious germs, I’m happy to report we already practice them. Hand washing is easy to do. Hand sanitizer is available at camp. If your child is sick, wait till they are well to send them to camp. If they become ill at camp, we have a nurse to take care of them.

Part of my intent for writing our CLC family is to assure you we are doing and will do everything we can to keep the kiddos safe and healthy.

The other reason I write is to say we are moving forward with summer camp. Not with reckless abandon nor in opposition to government authorities as Romans 13 mandates, but rather in the hope and confidence this will soon pass and all the prep work we have invested so far in creating a new summer booklet, writing campfire talks, securing summer staff, and maintaining facilities will be implemented. We will forge ahead, praying each day the situation in our world will get better, restrictions will be lifted, and things can get back to normal. As of writing, the federal government has established an April 30 goal of loosening restrictions which is 5 weeks before camp begins. We will plan for summer camp until we absolutely cannot. It’s all we know to do. Restaurants cook food; it’s what they do. Mechanics fix cars; it’s what they do. And we host children at camp. This is what we do!

Our children have had a lot robbed from them lately. Schools are closed. Sports, music, dance, and recreation have all been canceled. Family trips, vacations, and even visits to grandma’s house have all been taken from our children. Even regular church attendance is not an option. If I hear of one more thing canceled…well, I wouldn’t be happy, I’ll say that.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have normal restored? If the Lord is willing, we would love to grant ‘normal’ to the youth we serve. Camp is a great place to process events in their lives, with staff who care about them, all with a biblical perspective.

Camp is so important to our campers and staff. Literally tens of thousands of young people have enjoyed Cedar Lake Camp over the years and we have no plans to stop. Each year there are kids who come to faith in Jesus Christ or are challenged to grow in their faith. Staff have an opportunity to live out their faith and share what the Lord has done in their lives. It’s not uncommon for our campers and staff to go on to the mission field or work in ministry in some capacity. The Lord is working at Cedar Lake Camp.

This year we enter season #78. Like each year, if we want to see the next it is imperative parents send their kids to camp. You’ve heard me say it many times, “Without campers, there is no camp.” Our mission is to serve the next generation.

Our board of directors have made a few adjustments in preparation for summer camp, including cutting our registration deposit rates in half!

  • Deposits for Overnight Camp are now $90 and Day Camp is $40. (Total cost of camp is still the same, only the deposit amounts have changed)
  • Also, the Overnight Camp early bird discount of $15 has been extended from April 1 to May 15.
  • Finally, group code expirations are also extended to May 15.


I hope these changes are advantageous for your family. These changes are for this summer only in direct response to the current situation in our country. Our refund policy includes a non-refundable deposit that is transferable up to 12 months while the remainder of fees paid is fully refundable and/or transferable up to 12 months.

Please make plans to send your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbor kids, and children from your church this summer! What we do is important in the kingdom of God and in their lives. We would love the opportunity to invest in your child!

Summer Camp Registration Click here

Visit www.cedarlakecamp.org for dates and registration.

In Other News

Coronavirus Financial Impact

We have lost two retreat groups due to virus concerns. Anticipated revenue from both events totaled between $4,000 – $4,500. With the current situation, camper registrations are also down. Please pray this revenue will be made up somehow. Almost all our revenue for the year is from camper fees, retreat fees, and donations. When one of these sources wanes, another must make up the difference if camp is to be healthy. Entering the summer with a deficit is hard to overcome unless donors make up the difference. Please pray about becoming a monthly donor. It is important to remember we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, meaning all donations are tax-deductible. We are also non-denominational, meaning we have no denominational support money as income. This makes our donors all the more important.


Our new cabin Behemoth is so close to completion! We fully expect it to be utilized this summer. The only items remaining are bunk bed mattresses, shower curtains, curtains, toilet paper and paper towel holders, and a little paint here and there.

Of those items listed, bunk bed mattresses are the most costly. Each mattress costs $89.50. We need 14 for a total of $1253. Would you consider sponsoring a mattress? Perhaps you feel led to make a donation to cover the entire cost. Or maybe you would like to cover the costs of the lesser items. As a non-profit organization, we depend on generous donors like you to help us cover the costs. Thank you in advance for your gifts!

New Gym and Pool

Please be in prayer for our board of directors as there are big decisions to make regarding the plans of a new gym and pool. Specifically, we will be discussing a potential partnership with a professional fundraising firm and next steps in regards to the plans for this structure. Complete architectural drawings for this project are priced at just over $67,000.

 5K Fundraiser

The date of our annual fundraiser 5K Fun Run is TBD. This laid back run winds down camp’s driveway and past camp ‘back in the holler’ they say. Look for registration and details soon! If you would like to be a sponsor for this event, please send us a message for instructions.

Non-Cash Giving

Please pray about how you can support the ministry of Cedar Lake Camp. In addition to cash donations, we are also able to take gifts of stock, annuities, IRA Rollovers plus material items such as vehicles, sport/recreation vehicles, rare coins, tools, and more.

Important Dates

Livingston Police Camp  May 26-29

Staff Training Week    June 1-6

First Day of Resident Camp   June 7

First Day of Day Camp   June 8