Ways to Raise Money for Camp

Cedar Lake Camp & Retreat Center

The winter season is the perfect time to start fundraising funds for camp for your group or child. 


Looking for ways to help your child earn money for camp?


Having your child raise some money for camp is a great way to get them excited to go! Here are ways that your child can earn money:

  • Collect aluminum cans and recycle them
  • Reach out to a grandparent(s) or a neighbor who may need some things done
  • Allow for some extra chores to be done around the house
  • Walk a dog 


Looking for ways to fundraise for your group?


Fundraising at your church is a great way to chip down the cost of camp for families. 

Here are some ways to fundraise:

  • Have a meal at your church. Provide a suggested donation. Have the kids who are going to camp serve the congregation!
  • Car washes and bake sales are classic fundraisers that can help
  • Have a sports tournament


Happy Fundraising! If you decide to fundraise for your group, post a picture and make sure to tag us. We want to see!